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For generations, pumpkins have remained a strong symbol of the Halloween season. While carving jack-o-lanterns is the traditional approach to creating these decorations, there are many unique ways that parents and kids can dress up their gourds. If you’re looking for a few kid-friendly techniques to decorate this farm-fresh produce, here are five fun ideas to try this fall.

5 Kid-Friendly Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

1. Painted Stripes
When you prefer a clean and simple yet visually appealing way to style your family’s pumpkins, try painting stripes on them. To achieve perfect lines, layer painter’s tape in your preferred pattern along the surface. Next, cover every section with acrylic or spray paint. Once dry, you can peel off the tape to reveal a captivating design.

2. Mr. Pumpkin Head
If your kid enjoys playing with Mr. Potato Head, consider bringing those elements into the way you style your farm-fresh produce. All you have to do is simply punch the toy attachments into the gourd. Since the parts can easily be pulled out, kids will have fun switching up their selection to make a variety of silly faces that they can change throughout the season.

3. Unicorn
For this approach, find a white pumpkin from your farm-fresh produce supplier or paint one with white paint. Once the first layer is dry, paint facial features on the front and drizzle the creation with glitter to create a magical sparkle. To make the horn, wrap clay around the stem or place a painted paper cone on top. Next, cut paper fabric or felt into pointy ears and glue them on both sides of the horn. Finally, attach yarn or flowers to the top to craft a colorful mane.

4. Glow-in-the-Dark
When you want to give your jack-o-lanterns a different kind of radiance, you can try replacing tea-light candles with glow sticks. Once the pumpkin is carved out, simply snap a glow stick and drop it inside. If the pumpkin is particularly large, you may need to use two or more sticks. If you prefer not to carve, use glow-in-the-dark paint to illustrate silly faces on the surface.

5. Mummy
To achieve this look, wrap bandages, toilet paper, or fabric around the gourd. Depending on what materials you use, you may need to tape, glue, or pin the wrap to the surface. Next, glue on googly eyes to add some life to this pumpkin-from-the-dead.

Whatever decoration methods you prefer, starting with a quality pumpkin is essential to creating a successful design. Fortunately, if you live in the Vineland, NJ, area, you and your family can choose from a wide selection of top-notch gourds from the pumpkin patch here at Muzzarelli Farms. For more information on these events and the farm-fresh produce we offer, call us at
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