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Whether your goal is improving your health, contributing to greater environmental sustainability, or just trying something new for dinner, one smart way to achieve it is buying local produce. Although it may not seem like much, opting to buy from local farmers offers so many, wide-reaching benefits. Here’s why this seemingly simple task is so valuable.

Why You Should Eat Local Produce

1. Freshness
Local produce has an incomparable freshness to it. This is partly because there’s very little time between when it was picked and when it was sold. This differs from the imported produce in supermarkets, which needs to be picked ahead of time to compensate for shipping and transportation.

2. Lower Carbon Footprint
If you’re concerned about the environment, buy your food locally. Because local produce doesn’t need to be flown in and driven across hundreds of miles, less carbon dioxide is emitted to get the food to you than what’s commercially available.

3. Supports Local Economy
Buying local produce keeps your money within the community. Your dollar helps maintain the farm as well as the jobs it provides.

4. Preserves Local Farmlands & Ecosystem
By supporting your local farmers, you’re also helping them keep their land. This ultimately prevents it from being bought out and developed, which, in turn, protects the local flora and fauna.

5. Strengthens Community
Beyond economics, showing up to your local farmers market gives you the opportunity to bond with your neighbors. Spend less time behind digital screens and take a trip to the market with your family.

If you’re in the Vineland, NJ, area seeking high-quality local produce, come on down to Muzzarelli Farms! We’re open from now until the end of November, Mondays through Sundays. Whether you’re looking for the perfect lettuce for burgers, the best tomatoes for a salsa, or the ripest blueberries for a sweet, summer treat, you can find them here. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!