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It’s one of the classic struggles. Good versus bad. Light versus dark. Kids versus vegetables. It’s been a struggle to get kids to eat vegetables for as long as anyone can remember. So how in the world are you going to get your kid to even look at a vegetable?

Here at Muzzarelli Farms we’d like to think of ourselves as vegetable connoisseurs when it comes to harvesting them, getting them to you, and getting your kids to actually like them. To learn how you can get your children to actually start begging you for veggies, read on!

1. Use seasonings to your advantage! This trick may literally work miracles, especially when introducing children to vegetables. Don’t be afraid to make them flavorful with ingredients like butter, allspice, lemon, or garlic. Your children will welcome vegetables when they are more cohesive with the rest of the meal rather than unsalted aliens on their plate.

2. Arrange food in patterns on the plate. No one, not even children, can ignore a good aesthetic. Arranging your kids’ veggies into fun patterns like smiley faces or hearts makes eating vegetables more fun and makes the meal feel personalized.

3. Get them involved. Your child is way more likely to eat and enjoy vegetables if they help you to prepare it. They will feel so proud of their creation and assistant chef skills that they will feel more obligated to taste what they’ve help make.

4. Mix them in. Get creative and mix veggies into their favorite foods like pastas, smoothies, or even get creative and make veggie dips with chips on the side. (Who can resist a good dip?) The possibilities are endless with this tip!

5. Snack Time. You can even sneak some veggies into your kids’ snack time by offering them healthy alternatives to their favorite snack time options. There are plenty of recipes out there to make things like kale chips, dried fruit snacks, and more right from home! They’ll hardly notice the difference.

Of course we wouldn’t just leave you hanging with these tips, you can pick up your fresh veggies to test some of these ideas out here from Muzzarelli Farms. We are open Monday-Sunday 8am-6pm, and we can’t wait to meet you! Comment your favorite ways to get you kids to eat veggies on our Facebook page.