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There’s just something about the fall that gets us all into decorating. If you’re ready to deck out your yard, your home, or even your office this October, we have some festive suggestions.

Starting with the obvious…
• Painting: this is an emerging trend that has bubbled to the surface in recent years. Painting pumpkins different shades and colors and embellishing with glitter, sequins, pins, spikes, and other adornments are a great way to put a spin on the classic carve.
• Carving: speaking of the carve, take the time to try on a new face this Halloween. Classic, spooky faces are always a hit—but consider drilling different sized holes around your pumpkin. When you light it up, it will look like a beautiful lantern!
• Snowman: unless you want to give this one the Dracula treatment, this might be better served for after Halloween. Save and paint your pumpkins, and stack them on a pole to make a friendly snowman.

• Centerpieces: hello, gourd-geous! Gourds are a great way to spread fall-time festivity. Arrange gourds in a large bowl or tray and embellish with tendrils of cornstalks.
• Here and there: place gourds of different colors and sizes on bookshelves, countertops, end tables, and more for a festive way to spread the spirit of the season.

• Centerpieces: cut the small leaves from each individual stem and arrange mums in hallowed-out gourd or glass vase for a centerpiece that ties it all together. Want to go the extra mile? Tie a bow using hemp or twine.
• Stacking: use an old wooden shelf ladder to stack mums and various fall-themed items like gourds, small pumpkins, and Indian corn for a festive porch display.

• Lampposts and pillars: secure cornstalks around lampposts and porch pillars for the classic look of harvest.
• Archways: fashion an archway around your door using cornstalks on either side and a makeshift arch for over the door. The stalks will easily bend, so with the right wire and string, you’ll have a whole new gateway.

Indian Corn
• Wreath: if you have enough Indian corn and little bit of time, a wreath is a really creative and unconventional way to get festive. Arrange different colored corn in a circle so each is touching, and run the unexposed craft wire through each cob. Embellish with a bow or cornstalk trimmings.
• Candles: we’ve all seen those giant candles at the store. Arrange your Indian corn around a fat pillar candle and secure with hemp or twine. Just make sure you’re around when you light it!

Straw Bales
• Altogether or undone: we love the look of straw bales with pumpkins, cornstalks, mums, and Indian corn. If you can fashion a display, a bale of straw makes a great platform to hold flowers and other décor. Alternatively, you can spread the straw around for a full-on fall-time display.

For questions on variety or availability of the items you see on this list, feel free to contact Muzzarelli Farms at 856.691.2497, or drop by our farm market at 3460 Oak Road in Vineland, NJ.