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Grilling out when the weather is warm is an all-American pastime. But getting it just right can take a little time. And there’s nothing like fresh-grilled vegetables. Deliciously crisp, perfectly charred, and slick with savory oil. Here’s how to master the grill.

Slice Size
The size of your cuts will dictate how quickly your vegetables char and how they will taste. The thinner the cut or the slice, the crisper the outside will be. Be mindful of the size of the vegetable and slice according to your grilling preference.

Oil Up
Vegetables dry out as soon as they hit the high heat of the grill. Tossing them in olive oil will help them retain moisture and infuse a savory flavor. It also helps keep your seasonings intact when you’re flipping sides on the grate.

Season Well
Pair your favorite seasonings with your favorite vegetables and you really can’t go wrong. Salt, pepper, garlic—cayenne, chili, or basil. Whatever you like, season it right.

Wrap it Up or Go Straight to the Grate
If you prefer vegetables less crisp and slightly charred, wrapping them in aluminum foil will help the flavors coalesce while keeping the character of the vegetable. Tear a large sheet and place your seasoned vegetables in the center. Fold in each side of the foil over your veggies so it forms a pack, and poke a few holes in the top with a knife so the steam has a place to escape.

If you like your veggies crisp and charred, don’t be afraid to throw them directly on the grill with your oil and seasoning. Keep a close eye on each side and flip when you get those perfect grill marks to your liking.


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