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Eating fruits and vegetables is healthy and delicious! Equally as important is making sure your produce is properly cleaned before eating.

To best wash your fruits and veggies, follow this handy checklist:

  • Wash your hands with hot soapy water before and after preparing food.
  • Clean your counter top, cutting boards and utensils after peeling produce, and before cutting and chopping. Bacteria from raw produce can be transferred from the outside to the inside when cut or peeled.
  • Avoid washing produce directly with soap or detergent.
  • Use clean, potable, cold water to wash the produce.
  • Produce with a lot of nooks and crannies like cauliflower, broccoli or lettuce should be soaked for one to two minutes in cold clean water.
  • For produce with thick skin, use a brush to wash away hard-to-remove microbes.
  • Some fruits, like raspberries, should not be soaked in water. Instead, put fragile produce in a colander and spray it with distilled water.
  • Wash leafy greens by separating the leaves and soaking them in cool water for a few minutes. Drain the greens using a strainer or colander.
  • Once cut or peeled, refrigerate as soon as possible at 40ºF or below to prevent rot and decay.

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