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It’s probably more fact than opinion that Thanksgiving is THE ultimate food holiday. After all, the entire day is based around a single meal, shared with friends and family of course.

Back in September, we asked people on Facebook for their favorite Thanksgiving Day side dish, and we had many great responses! In fact, we had so many great responses that we want to share them with you here, along with crowd-pleaser recipes.

It seems we had two overwhelming fan favorites: stuffing and sweet potatoes. Considered Thanksgiving dinner staples, these two side dishes tallied a combined total of 13 mentions in only 11 comments! Here’s what some users had to say:

Debbie: Stuffing and candied sweet potatoes


Lisa: Homemade stuffing and candied sweet potatoes (without marshmallows on top)!


Joanne: That’s a hard one! Sweet potatoes, stuffing and cranberry! Need all three…And I’ve already placed my order for your sweet potatoes!

These three, along with many others, agree that the Thanksgiving meal isn’t complete without these two sides.

One Muzzarelli Farms follower, Robin, didn’t include stuffing or sweet potatoes in her answer, but did offer other intriguing options for side dishes using the fresh produce found on Muzzarelli Farms!

Robin: My daughter and I were just talking about our meal plan for Thanksgiving last night! We both at the same time said…we gotta hit Muzzerelli’s and get some turnips, parsnips, and acorn squash for dishes. Love mixing root vegetables with mashed potatoes and bake the acorn squash topped with butter, cinnamon and maple syrup. Yum!

Sounds sweet, doesn’t it?


Thanks to everyone for taking time to contribute to the conversation. We hope it inspired some ideas for the upcoming holiday. If you’re still on the hunt for a new, tried-and-trusted recipe, try one of these using stuffing and sweet potatoes:

Grandma’s Thanksgiving Turkey Stuffing from Tastes of Lizzy T: https://www.tastesoflizzyt.com/grandmas-thanksgiving-turkey-stuffing/


Candied Sweet Potatoes from Sally’s Baking Addiction: https://sallysbakingaddiction.com/candied-sweet-potatoes/

No matter what’s on your table this Thanksgiving, we are wishing you a wonderful, well-spent day with friends and family!