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The original family owned business was started by Charles and Theresa in 1937. Delmo Muzzarelli, was one of Charles and Theresa’s five children raised on the 20-acre vegetable farm. Delmo eventually took over the operation, focusing primarily on sweet potatoes and pickles.

In 1980, Delmo’s son, Charlie, and his wife Rita took over the family business as owner and operator of Muzzarelli Farms. Since that time, the farm has increased to over 300-acres. Though Charlie continues to grow sweet potatoes and pickles as his grandfather did, he is quick to say that he does not take “special pride” in these two drops, “I take pride in all my crops.” The farm now raises over two dozen varieties of fruits and vegetables.

In 1984, Rita began selling their fresh produce off the back of a tractor-pulled wagon. Due to an overwhelming positive response, the following year they built a small roadside market to house the vegetables that were for sale. Today, the market has expanded to carry over seventy different fruits, vegetables, and specialty items.
Today, Charlie and Rita are blessed to have two children, Charlie Jr. and Dena to carry on the tradition. As fourth generation Muzzarellis along with their spouses, Dena’s husband Henry Cifaloglio Jr. and Charlie Jr’s wife Rosalie, the family farm has continued to expand and flourish.

As the future approaches, Charlie and Rita are excited to see what their children and grandchildren will continue to accomplish on the once small 20-acre farm that their great grandparents started many years ago.


Muzzarelli Farms is always hosting amazing events. Educational programs, corn mazes,  and pumpkin patches. See what's happening on your favorite family farm.


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Muzzarelli Farms keeps you updated with the latest news about the farm and all of our great events and educational programs. Take a look..you may be in the pictures!

Muzzarelli Farms