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Thanksgiving may be days away, but this new addition to the dinner table will have everybody talking. Simple, savory, and a little sweet, this recipe for mashed white sweet potatoes will make an excellent alternative to everyone’s favorite side—because Thanksgiving is all about the sides!

Let’s get started.

What You’ll Need:
• 10-12 small sweet potatoes
• 1 stick of salted butter
• ½ cup of heavy cream

What You’ll Need to Do:
Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil, and drop in 10-12 small white sweet potatoes from Muzzarelli Farms with their skins intact. Drain water from pot, and peel the skins for the potatoes.

Add 1 stick of salted butter to the pot and whip potatoes with a stand mixer, slowly adding in ½ cup of heavy cream. Salt and pepper to taste, and you’re ready for a new take on this classic side.

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