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Summertime is a season ripe with sweet, juicy melons. These fruits are delicious and packed with hydrating fluid, fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants.

Each melon has different plant compounds, offering antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. Plus, they’re low in calories!

Here are our top five ways to use melons:

  1. Au Naturel. One of the best ways to enjoy melons is in their natural form. As a wedge with breakfast, as a snack or for dessert!
  2. Fruit Skewers. Chop your melon into chunks and include other summer fruits like strawberries, peach slices, kiwi, pineapple and grapes, and thread them onto a skewer. Enjoy the skewers plain, with yogurt or cottage cheese, or with a healthy dip.
  3. Parfaits. In summer, a simple melon parfait is a no-fuss delicious and healthy breakfast, lunch or snack. Just layer cubed melon with yogurt, granola, dried fruit and nuts or seeds.
  4. Smoothies. Whip up a delicious fruit drink! Drop a few cubes of melon into a blender with a small amount of lemon juice, or add cubed melon to your favorite smoothie recipe.
  5. Salads. In addition to fruit salads, melons shine in green salads. They provide just the right amount of crunchy, juicy sweetness. Add cantaloupe or honeydew chunks to chicken salad, watermelon and feta salad or goat cheese with arugula or watercress.

You can try any of these yourself. Visit Muzzarelli Farms today and pick up your melons while they are in season. Click here to visit us on the web.