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The Meaning of Farm-To-Table

What is Farm-To-Table? | Muzzarelli Farms, Vineland NJ

Have you ever heard the phrase "farm-to-table" and wondered what it meant?

Thanks to a renewed interest in eco-friendly, healthy and simple living, the farm-to-table movement is making a comeback.

At its heart, farm-to-table means that the food on your table came directly from a farm. On its way to your table, it skipped stores and distributors. The community purchases the food at local markets to take home to their tables. In a world of processed foods and fast food, the idea seems simple.

Farm-to-table also emphasizes a direct relationship between farms and restaurants. In typical situations, restaurants buy their food through distributors or a food service. With farm-to-table, restaurants buy directly from farms, creating a way for communities to support their local farms.

The health benefits of farm-to-table are plentiful. Consumers get to know where their food comes from and can depend on its quality and freshness. Farm markets like Muzzarelli Farms offer wide varieties of fruits and vegetables to help you expand your taste buds and nutritional intake.

Farm-to-table is also environmentally friendly. The produce at your local farm market traveled only a short distance to get to you, bypassing the typical planes, trains, trucks and boats by which most food gets shipped!

Simply put, farm-to-table is the highest quality, most healthy, nutritious, environmentally friendly food you can buy. So the next time you purchase fruits and vegetables, support local farms and buy local, farm-to-table produce!

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