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Wholesale Produce | Muzzarelli Farms, Vineland, NJ
Wholesale Produce | Muzzarelli Farms, Vineland, NJ
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Muzzarelli Farms in Vineland, NJ is a family-owned grower, packer, shipper and wholesaler of fresh fruits, vegetables and other produce, specializing in wholesale distribution of sweet potatoes, yams, seasonal greens, kale, peppers, grape and plum tomatoes, pickles, cucumbers and more across the country.

Now accepting bulk orders for the 2024 growing season!

Whether you're looking for 100 or 10,000 pounds of Muzzarelli Farms fruit, vegetables and other produce, our wholesale produce program has you covered.

At Muzzarelli Farms in Vineland, New Jersey, we are a fresh produce wholesaler that uses a farm-to-fork approach. It starts with our expertise in farming. All of our wholesale produce is packed and shipped with freshness and food safety being our prime concerns.

As family farmers, we believe in sustainable and socially responsible farming practices conducted at the highest level. We are committed to providing the best produce and buying experience for both our retail and wholesale customers, with the highest standards of freshness, superior quality, and consistency not only in Vineland, New Jersey, but in the entire state, region and country.

For wholesale inquiries, call Charlie Muzzarelli directly at 856-207-1037 or email

Specifications and food safety data are available upon request.

Muzzarelli Farms Wholesale Sweet Potatoes, Seasonal Greens, Peppers, Pickles, Grape Tomatoes, Canning (Plum) Tomatoes

Sweet Potatoes at Muzzarelli Farms in Vineland, NJ
Sweet PotatoesMuzzarelli Farms wholesale sweet potatoes are on‑trend and always farm-cured to sweet perfection.
Seasonal Greens at Muzzarelli Farms in Vineland, NJ
Seasonal GreensDiscover Muzzarelli Farms' wholesale seasonal greens and other produce that meet your needs and your customers' demands.
Peppers at Muzzarelli Farms in Vineland, NJ
PeppersMuzzarelli Farms grows specialty peppers for use in process canning and specialty foods like salsa, spaghetti sauce, hot sauce and more.
Pickles at Muzzarelli Farms in Vineland, NJ
PicklesMuzzarelli Farms' certified naturally grown cucumbers are flavorful, nutrient‑dense, and perfect for wholesale use.
Grape Tomatoes at Muzzarelli Farms in Vineland, NJ
Grape TomatoesOne of the biggest crops we grow each year, Muzzarelli Farms grape tomatoes are supremely flavorful and perfectly ripe, the superstar of the snacking tomato category!
Plum Tomatoes at Muzzarelli Farms in Vineland, NJ
Plum TomatoesFrom healthy pasta sauces to tasty salsas, Muzzarelli Farms tomatoes are delicious, bright and flavorful. Customers can't help but crave them at mealtime!
More Flavor. More Creativity.
Count on Muzzarelli Farms’ portfolio of delicious wholesale produce.
Muzzarelli Farms is also a contract grower.

As a contract grower in Vineland, New Jersey, we can grow anything for you! We build programs from the bottom up and year‑round.

Call Charlie Muzzarelli directly at 856-207-1037 or email

Our Commitment to Our Retail and Wholesale Produce Customers

Muzzarelli Farms fruit, vegetables and other produce are grown for taste. Our commitment to quality and customer service is part of the Muzzarelli family promise, and we keep that promise for each and every one of our retail and wholesale customers. Every great food service operator knows that when it comes to flavorful produce, it starts with freshness.

Food Safety at Muzzarelli Farms in Vineland, NJ

Food Safety

At Muzzarelli Farms in Vineland NJ, food safety and security are among our highest priorities to ensure that your wholesale produce is as safe as possible. Our stringent Food Safety Plan adheres to the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that follow food safety programs outlined by the United States Department of Agriculture and our customers. See details of some of the food safety procedures we perform, review and update during both our off-season and throughout the year.

Responsible Practices

As a quality produce wholesaler, we manage a highly detailed trace recall program that can quickly trace products to their growing origins while also monitoring our products from farm to distribution, making sure employees and drivers use safe and responsible practices.

Auditing Standards

At Muzzarelli Farms we use a variety of auditing standards, including USDA and Primus Labs programs, to ensure our food safety program is comprehensive, effective, and properly implemented. To optimize our operations, audits are performed regularly and include onsite inspections of our crops, harvest crews, and packing operations at our Vineland, New Jersey location.

Wholesaler of Safe, High Quality Fruit, Vegetables and Other Produce

Rest assured that when you buy fruit, vegetables and other produce from Muzzarelli Farms in Vineland NJ, whether retail or through our wholesale program, you are making a safe, responsible decision and getting the highest quality and safest produce available.

Certifications, audit reports, specifications and food safety data are available upon request.

Natural Resources at Muzzarelli Farms in Vineland, NJ

Protecting Our Land

Muzzarelli Farms strives to be good stewards of land and water. When you join our wholesale program, you can be assured that we are committed to protecting our environment through the responsible management of natural resources.

At Muzzarelli Farms, we know the importance of healthy soil for not only our produce, but also for the environment, so we engage in practices that help to replenish organic matter, including, but not limited to:

Focused on the Greater Good

Muzzarelli Farms strives to maintain our good reputation as responsible citizens and good farmers.


We understand that the way we do business, conduct ourselves, and approach procedures collectively uphold the integrity of Muzzarelli Farms. Throughout our organization, we continually work to integrate high integrity into all aspects of our business. As a wholesaler of high quality produce, our integrity is paramount.

Preferred Wholesaler of High Quality Produce

Due to our commitment to quality, safety and customer service, our safe and responsible practices, and our integrity, Muzzarelli Farms of Vineland, New Jersey continues to be a preferred wholesaler of high quality fruit, vegetables and other produce in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, the Delaware Valley and Tri-State area, and the entire United States.

“Nothing Less Than Fresh!”