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What Muzzarelli Farms Does During the Off-Season

What Muzzarelli Farms Does During the Off-Season

The bulk of Muzzarelli Farms' work is done during our crop season, but a lot is done behind the scenes during the off-season to prepare for planting and a successful harvest.

Repairs and Maintenance

When our market is closed, it's the perfect time for Muzzarelli Farms to inspect, maintain and repair our farm and market facilities, machinery, instruments and other equipment. If we have been looking to upgrade or replace a piece of equipment or have a lot of small repairs that need to be fixed, the off-season is the time to accomplish all of these tasks. Inspection, maintenance and repairing of our irrigation system and crop equipment makes planting and harvesting much easier and much more efficient when they're done before crop season begins.

Research and Learning

The off-season gives Muzzarelli Farms valuable time that we wouldn't normally have to continue to learn about new technologies that can help improve our processes or new techniques to make our farm more efficient. We continue learning how to make our farm better by analyzing data and looking for areas of improvement in the crop fields.


Muzzarelli Farms Food Safety Work

Now that Muzzarelli Farms has a little more free time available, we can start planning for the next crop season. This is a time to plan out everything that needs to get done and to set goals. Whether we want to grow our farm in the upcoming season or reach a new level of marketing, the off-season gives us time so we can sit down and evaluate what we want to achieve and how to do it.

The planning and preparation that we do during our off-season includes (but is certainly not limited to!) the following:

Food Safety

Muzzarelli Farms Produce Quality Inspection

While food safety is our prime objective 365 days a year, the off-season is a great time for us to review and update our policies, continue training workers, organize and update our records, and much more. Here are just a few of the food safety tasks we work on during the off-season as well as throughout the year:

So as you can see, at Muzzarelli Farms we are not just sitting in an office during our off-season. We are a boots on the ground and hands in the dirt produce supplier!

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