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Health Benefits of Beets

Health Benefits of Beets | Muzzarelli Farms, Vineland NJ

Beets are a versatile and nutritious vegetable that provides essential vitamins and minerals, and offers numerous health benefits.

Beets for Heart Health

Beets support heart health by lowering blood pressure levels. Studies have shown that regular consumption of beet juice can help reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings over time due to its high content of nitrates which relaxes artery walls, allowing for better circulation throughout the body. Additionally, studies suggest that compounds found within beets may inhibit platelet aggregation, or "clumping", which further reduces risk factors associated with stroke or heart attack.

Beets Have Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Another great benefit from consuming beets is their anti-inflammatory properties from antioxidants like betalains, which also give them their rich red color. Betalains are known for having strong antioxidant activity and help fight off free radicals while reducing oxidative stress on cells throughout your body; this helps keep your immune system functioning optimally, as well as ward off certain chronic diseases such as cancer.

Fiber in Beets Helps Digestion

Beets contain dietary fiber, which aids digestion by aiding with regular bowel movements while also helping you feel fuller longer after meals so you eat less throughout the day.

Folate in Beets Helps Fetal Development

Beets contain folate, an important B vitamin necessary during fetal development, making beets especially beneficial for pregnant women seeking additional nutrients without added calories.

Beets May Help Memory and Learning

Beets contain choline and nitrates. Choline plays an important role in memory formation and learning processes, and nitrates increase oxygen flow in the brain.

Beets are Good for the Eyes

Beets are good for your eyes, as they contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which have a positive impact on vision.

Beets Can't Be Beat!

With all the health advantage of beets, it's no wonder why they're such a popular part of healthy diets. And with their earthy flavor, they taste delicious when roasted, boiled, steamed, or even eaten raw.

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