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How to Keep Kids Entertained on Thanksgiving Day

How to Keep Kids Entertained on Thanksgiving Day | Muzzarelli Farms, Vineland NJ

On Thanksgiving Day, you have a lot on your plate with preparing the meal and getting ready for guests. Keep your children entertained on Thanksgiving Day with these tips and activities.

Have the kids team up to set the table cloth, non-breakable dishes and utensils, or even fold napkins. Involving them in the Thanksgiving Day process will keep them both interested and occupied.

Using leftover cardstock or printer paper, have the kids decorate name cards for the guests arriving at your home. They'll get to be creative and still be a part of the tradition, while adding a personal touch to the table.

Send the kids to venture outside (supervised, of course) to collect leaves in different shapes and colors. Make festive bouquets to set with each placemat or scatter leaves across the table to bring the outdoors inside.

Let kids watch the Thanksgiving Day parades on TV. Set them up with a snack and some pillows, and let them veg out until it's time to pig out.

Play Not-So-'Bored' Games! After the parade, pull out the board games from storage. There are hours of potential fun for the kids to laugh and to play!

And if all else fails, have the kids start writing out their holiday wish lists or draft Christmas letters to Santa. The mere idea of Christmas coming soon is sure to have them excited but on their best behavior!

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