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Farms that Wholesale Produce to Other Companies

Farms that Wholesale Produce to Other Companies | Muzzarelli Farms, Vineland NJ

Farms that wholesale fruits and vegetables to larger companies play a crucial role in the food supply chain, allowing them to reach a larger, and even nationwide, market, as well as a wide range of different types of customers, including supermarkets, restaurants and other food service providers. Farmers that wholesale their produce typically grow a wide variety of crops, allowing them to take advantage of different growing seasons and market conditions.

Highest Quality Produce

The first step a farm must take in successfully wholesaling fruits and vegetables is to ensure that the produce is of the highest quality. Farmers must be keenly aware of the different varieties of produce they are growing and the harvest times for each crop. This means that farmers must manage the harvest schedule to make sure fruits and vegetables are picked at the right time so they will have the best flavor, texture, and shelf life.

Storage Facilities

Farms that wholesale produce must also have appropriate storage facilities in place to store produce ahead of delivery to the buyer. By taking the time to properly care for produce on the farm and in storage, farmers can rest assured that their products will be of the highest quality and make sure the customer is satisfied with the product.

Reliable Delivery System

And in order to ensure that fresh fruits and vegetables are shipped in a timely manner, it is important for farmers to have an effective and reliable delivery system in place.

Produce Brokers

To sell their produce to larger companies, wholesale farms typically work with produce brokers. Produce brokers act as intermediaries between the farm and the end customer, helping to connect the two and facilitating the sale of the produce. Brokers typically have a wide network of contacts in the food industry and they can help farms to find buyers for their produce. However, farmers can also provide bulk fruits and vegetables directly to their end customer, providing quality produce to supermarkets, restaurants and other food service providers without going through a broker. This is more likely to be the case if the customer is in their local area.

Meet or Exceed Standards

Wholesale farms need to be able to meet the quality and food safety standards of their customers. Supermarkets, restaurants and other food service providers have strict requirements for the fruits and vegetables they sell, and farms need to be able to meet these standards in order to do business with them. This may include adhering to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP) guidelines, as well as passing food safety audits.

Precise Record-Keeping

Wholesale farming is not without its challenges, and one of those challenges is the need to sell produce quickly. Wholesale farms typically have a shorter window of time to sell their produce than retail farms, and they need to be able to move it quickly in order to avoid spoilage. For farms that provide produce to both wholesale as well as retail customers, exact and precise record-keeping and organization are paramount, as different crops may be ready on different schedules for each type of customer.


To overcome some of the challenges that wholesale farms face, they must focus on producing the highest quality produce that meets or exceeds the needs of their customers. This can help them to differentiate their produce from that of their competitors.

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